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Mora TopLine Boxers

Referrals from some of the wonderful families that have added Mora Topline Boxers to their family!

I have known Cindy and Brian for almost 6yrs, as we got our first Boxer, Dallas from them back in 2014. I kept in touch over the years as I knew I would be getting a second Boxer at some point. They were amazing to work with back then and they were just as amazing to work with the second time around. I’ve reached out to Cindy many times over the years, asking questions and providing updates on Dallas and she is always very willingly to answer my questions and timely with her responses. We got our second Boxer, RJ, not even two weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier! He is the cutest little guy, great markings and just a little spit fire! He is quick to learn and just a little lover, he loves to snuggle! Dallas and him get along great, although RJ can push his buttons with his big sister in true younger sibling fashion.

If you are a first time Boxer owner or looking to add to your family with another Boxer you will not go wrong with Cindy and Brian. As I mentioned they are amazing to work with and their Boxers are very well taken care of and have an amazing temperament.

Here are a couple pictures of our fur babies.

Jackie and Rico

We adopted our boxer Rori from Mora Top Line Boxer exactly a year ago today and we could still not be happier. She has an amazing temperament and is fantastic and well behaved around other dogs and people. We have received SO MANY compliments about her gorgeous coat and beautiful face. She has so much energy and is incredibly smart and fun making every day with her a real gift! Cindy and Brian were great to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great addition to their family. Thank you again for bringing this ray of sunshine into everyday of our lives!

Mike and Courtney

We are very happy to refer Cindy & Brian Swanson, and Mora Topline Boxers to those seeking to bring a Boxer into their hearts and homes. We have a 5-year old female Boxer named Zoey, who was our first love and converted us instantly to a Boxer family for life. We adore the breed for their intelligence, athletic ability, comical nature, love of children and all people they encounter, and especially for their love of their family “pack”. After Zoey, we added Layla to our family, but unfortunately due to a serious heart condition, we lost her at 11 months old in Spring 2017.

After a few months of heartbreak (and a depressed Zoey), we decided to begin to search again for the right breeder. I searched our surrounding states and didn’t have any luck finding any available puppies. Then I stumbled across Mora Topline Boxers beautiful website and the June 2017 litter with available puppies. Minnesota is very far away, but I just so happened to be traveling through there on business that same week the puppies were ready to go home. I half-jokingly showed a picture of Tucker to my husband and said, “I’m going right through MN next month!” I was sure he’d think I was crazy to want to travel on a plane with a puppy, but he surprised me and said, “let’s go get him!”. It was fate! I reached out to Cindy & Brian and they responded right away. They answered all my questions and clearly cared deeply about their Boxers and what kind of homes the puppies would be going to. We made all the arrangements and during my layover, I met up with my husband and we went to meet Tucker. It was love at first sight, and Cindy & Brian were wonderful. We saw Tucker’s parents and left with a nice care package.

Tucker was an angel on my lap on the plane all the way to his new home in New York State. Needless to say, our Zoey was thrilled with her new puppy and they became fast friends. Tucker is so smart, loving, fun and we just adore him. He is the perfect addition to our family. We could not be happier with our choice and would certainly travel again for another Mora Topline Boxer.

The King family, Skaneateles, New York

I am here to let anyone interested in a boxer to call Cindy and Brian.

Wonderful folks who care about all their boxers.

We had a boxer years ago who had to be put down for health reasons. She was a great dog. Moved on with other dogs but always thought of her. Then last Feb. On a cold day thought I'd just see about boxers in Minnesota and came across Mora Topline Boxers. They had a aged female to rehome. I filled out questionnaire. Went down to meet them and the retired female.

Their place is beautiful, clean and they were nice. Needless to say I came home with a 6yr. old wonderful, beautiful, female. Never regretted it. She came here fit right in with other dogs. Temperament great. And I didn't have to housebreak.

So again this spring, not quite a year later I got another retired female. Same results wonderful. Another sweet, great with gr. kids. Don't bark. Never a problem at mealtime. Sleep in my bedroom. They have never been in crate since being here.

We Lead a busy happy life.

I recommend anyone to adopt a aged female with Cindy's help.

The Andersons

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Cindy and Brian Swanson of Mora TopLine Boxers. Prior to contacting Cindy I did an extensive amount of research on boxer breeders all over the state of Minnesota and other surrounding states looking to find a reputable breeder who's integrity, knowledge and professionalism I could trust regardless if it entailed traveling some distance to find our newest companion. After many hours of research we came across Mora TopLine boxers website and was extremely impressed with the extensive amount of time she puts into this breed and the guidelines she carries as a breeder. I instantly knew we had found the right breeder for us. They raise their boxers as we would with an extensive amount of love and respect. Her expectations and guidelines truly show how important it is to her to make sure ALL her puppies go to a wonderful and loving home and it also shows how she is one of the rare breeders who deep down truly cares about her puppies after they leave her care. Cindy was wonderful keeping us connected to our puppy's progress with pictures and up to date information throughout the weeks until we were able to pick up our little guy. It was a true joy being able to see pictures of his progress along with his litter mates as they were growing up! Around 8 weeks we were finally able to bring our little guy home and so far he has been so much joy for our family! He is consistently doing silly things to make us all laugh and he is just a lover...we love him very much!

In my experience, Cindy has demonstrated a strong amount of kindness, integrity and her tremendous love for her boxers and the breed shows how committed she truly is! I would strongly recommend Mora TopLine Boxers to anyone that is looking to add a boxer to their family. Cindy is an amazing and wonderful person / breeder and it definitely shows in the quality of all her boxers pedigrees.

Thank you so much Cindy and Brian for giving us this opportunity to provide Henry with a life long home where he will be provided with an abundant amount of love! We look forward to keeping in touch with you as Henry continues to grow!

- The Finseth Family -

In addition to this referral I would like to add a few more comments. We were very blessed after bringing Henry home to also be able to go back the following weekend and bring his brother Beckham home. Having these two beautiful boys and watching them grow together has been pure entertainment. Both of these boys have the best temperaments, they are very intelligent,

loving and of course hilarious with all the clowning around they do. Our family being very knowledgeable about this breed can definitely see in these boys that they carry excellent bloodlines and are

exactly what a true pure-breed boxer should be!

Thank you again Cindy for providing us with two healthy and amazing looking puppies with such great characteristics and personalities! We could not of found another breeder as dedicated as you.

The compassion and care you provide for your boxers and all of the puppies is incredible!

- The Finseth Family -

It is with great pleasure, I highly recommend Mora Topline Boxer for the next love in your life! It is truly obvious Brian and Cindy Swanson love and care for each and every boxer in their home. It is hard to put into words the love they have shared with us. We met with Cindy and Brian to view a new litter (11 Puppies) Rosie and Bogart had recently had. Right off the bat, I was amazed by the utter silence and cleanliness of their home, knowing there was nearly 20 boxers in the house (adults and puppies combined). The gentleness, care and love shown to all their boxers is evident immediately. Cindy first introduced us to the parents and grandparents on site, and then the puppies. I immediately had tears running down my eyes. Truly love at first site when she brought out Vincent. (We have been without boxers in our lives for over 11 years, and I still was feeling unsure if I was “replacing” them).

Cindy was fantastic on updating us every week with new pictures and answered all my emails. Knowing my new love is being cared for with such love and kindness really made all the difference! The day finally came to pick up Vincent. The transition was so smooth. Cindy and Brian went over any questions we had. I thanked them over and over again, what great joy and blessing they are sharing with us.

The transition to our home was incredibly easy. Vincent just fit right in from the very beginning. He is truly been so sweet, mild- mannered and easy to train. The first couple days he knew he had to sit for a treat. He was completely outdoor potty-trained by week two. Running to the door and just waiting for us to come. So full of fun and energy and so wanting to snuggle at any moment. He truly is the sweetest boy. Even with it being summer and around the 4th of July, he doesn’t get jumpy and frightened with thunder and fireworks. He acknowledges the sound, watches for our reaction, and puts his head back down. When grooming time comes, he squirms for a moment because he doesn’t like to get his paws wet, then, just lets us bathe him and dry him off. When it comes to his nails needing clipping, he just lets us do it. Quite amazing for the fact that he isn’t even three months old yet and the love he has given us and he gets in return is abundant!

~ Beth, Mark, Lily, Cassie, Laurie and Vincent Clarstrom

4 Years Later...Vincent continues to be the best boy ever! Everyone who knows him, loves him. Super sweet and snuggly, even when he is being a “ thief”, it just adds to his playfulness.

I had reread the referral I sent way back when he was a puppy. Funny, he still doesn’t like his paws wet.. ever.

Vincent has brought so much love and joy to our family. We just couldn’t imagine life without him. He truly is a blessing to our family.

We just purchased a beautiful boxer puppy and would highly recommend MoraTopline Boxers to anyone who is interested in getting a boxer puppy. This is our fourth boxer, but our first from MoraTopline Boxers. Murphy is joining our 1 year old brindle boxer, Marley. This is our first time having two dogs at once, we were a little nervous, but we are so happy that we got Murphy. They are forming a close bond and it is so fun to see them play and cuddle. The two of them are now inseparable. We always get comments on how beautiful they are. The owners of MoraTopline Boxers, Brian and Cindy, truly care about the health and welfare of all of their dogs and puppies. The puppies are raised in a very nice environment with lots of space to run around outside. Murphy was sent home with a gift bag including food, a toy and a "puppy scented" blanket to help him make a good transition to his new home. Murphy has a great temperament and we can already tell that he is a very intelligent dog. We know that this is because he comes from a wonderful line of boxers as well as because he was raised in a nurturing environment.

Thanks again,

The Smith Family 

We were walking our boxer one day and came across the most beautiful little brindle pup. She was so stunning. The owners mentioned they got her from Mora MN, and so my research began. We were hoping to add another boxer to our family, but we're waiting for the right one and the right time. Cindy at Mora Topline Boxers was awesome. Prompt and informative responses to my emails, and seemed very genuine. The process they go through when placing their puppies show that they really care about the well being and future lives of these puppies. They are no ordinary breeder. They take extra time to make sure the new owners are happy but most importantly their dogs are happy and going to a great home. Kaya has been a great addition!! We get comments all the time on how beautiful she is. I would highly recommend Mora Topline Boxers! You will not be disappointed!

The Kintzler's

If you are looking to add a boxer to your family, look no further you have found your breeder! You will not be disappointed, as Brian and Cindy (Mora TopLine Boxers) are fantastic! Before I contacted them, I had done a ton of research over a couple of years. A friend had referred Brian and Cindy so they were at the top of the list, but I still wanted to do my homework. They by far exceeded any expectations I had for a breeder. Cindy was especially fantastic to work with! I had a lot of questions before I even met my new puppy and since then I have reached out to her many times to ask questions, get suggestions and so forth. She always responded in a timely manner and provided her recommendations and past experiences. This has been so valuable to me, as this is my first boxer. Thank you so much Cindy and I look forward to connecting with you in the future for a playmate for Dallas

Here is a picture of our wonderful puppy Dallas! We couldn't be happier with her! She is a fantastic puppy, learns fast, a little stubborn, and the best snuggler there is . She thoroughly enjoys playing fetch with her ball, playing with other puppies/dogs and getting lots of love and attention from anyone who will give it to her. Again, we couldn't be happier to have her part of our family!

Thanks Brian and Cindy!

The Venus Family

We just added our second Mora TopLine boxer to our family. We got Max in November 2014 and he has been such a joy that we vowed we would never get a boxer anywhere other than Mora. Duke our newest Mora boxer has reinforced that thought. He has been home with us for 2 weeks and is a pure joy. He fit right in with Max and Stella from the moment he came home and they adore him. The temperament and intelligence of these dog's is nothing short of amazing. We constantly get compliments on Max saying he is one of the most beautiful boxers they've ever seen. Max is also the absolute sweetest baby my wife and I have ever had and we've had some sweet babies over the years. Duke after only 2 weeks has shown to have the same traits. We would recommend anyone looking for the perfect boxer baby to stop their search at Mora... It doesn't get any better than a Mora TopLine Boxer.

The McCullough's

My boxer puppy Solomon is almost six months old now and has been a terrific addition to my family! He was the last of his litter to be picked which gave me just a little hesitation, but I think he was just waiting for me to come get him. He's very well tempered, loves to play, and was very easy to house and crate train. I took him with us to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago and he had dozens of people "fawning" over him throughout the day and was very easy going in the crowd.

Just a quick thanks to Cindy and her husband who obviously take great care and pride in their dogs. We got to meet Solomon's sires three generations up and were very impressed with everything about Mora Topline Boxers. I'd gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a Boxer. What a great breed, and breeder!


Christopher Koch

 Manitou is a wonderful dog-- very sweet, loyal, playful, good-tempered, good on a leash, and without a mean bone in his body. He gets along well with the cat, and thinks every dog is a new friend. Like most boxers, he's of course very high-spirited and always wants to play, but he's well-behaved and calm with a good walk or 2 and some play. He's a joy to have around.


We have been boxer lovers and owners for over ten years. When it was time to look for a puppy we did extensive research into breeders. When we visited Mora Topline Boxers we knew we had finally found the right place to get our next little love! Everything at Cindy and Brian's home was immaculately clean and the dogs were so well taken care of. The love and care the Swanson's put into their dogs is amazing and every step of the process was seamless for us!

We brought our little Tucker home in the beginning of June and absolutely could not be happier with him! He is simply stunning, well mannered and as loving as they come! We have a three-year-old with special needs and he is beyond gentle with her and has been from day one. He will calmly lay next to her while she plays on the floor and has never nipped, scratched or even barked at her! He fits into our family so well and we all love him so very much! He is eager to please and training is well underway and is going well!

We would recommend a boxer pup from Mora Topline Boxers to anyone! Thank you so much, Cindy and Brian, for our sweet and wonderful Tucker!!

Melissa, Jackson, Lucy, Nora and Tucker Brandts 

On July 6th, 2014 we had to put down our sweet, loving 4 year old boxer, Mazi. He had started having seizures 6 months before than and it was believed he had a brain tumor. This was only 5 short days after we lost my husband's father to a 2 year battle with terminal cancer. We were beyond devastated by our world seeming to crumble around us. As we have no kids of our own yet, Mazi was our baby and we loved him dearly. We had a huge hole in our hearts and each day was a struggle to get through.

After about a month we started talking about how incredibly quiet it was without our Mazi, how much we dearly missed him and having a boxer in the house. The breeder we had got him from was no longer breeding boxers so we started our hunt to find a great one. We searched the internet over for weeks looking for a good breeder. Once I came across Mora's Topline Boxers and talked with Cindy, I knew we had found the one! When we went out for the interview, they listened to our story and answered all of our many questions that we had. Cindy was very sweet and kind to us and we were blown away by what a beautiful home they had for all the dogs.

We picked up our sweet Tego the end of September. It was so fun to be able to get weekly photos of them to see how they were growing! The moment we saw him, we were in love! He is such a VERY good boy, so smart, and a wonderful temperment!! He has brought so much love and happiness back into our lives and we are so grateful to have him!! Our friends also got a boxer from them a week later and absolutely adore him!! We would highly recommend Mora Topline Boxers to anyone looking for a wonderful boxer!!! Thank you!!!

~Blaisdell Family~

There is no better breed than a Boxer. Once a Boxer enters your life, you are hooked. We lost our wonderful Boxer, Champ (9.5 years), to cancer in November, and within two weeks welcomed Mora TopLine Boxers' Ricky (18 weeks old) into our lives. We have since renamed him Winston, and are madly in love!

Working with Brian and Cindy to obtain our new family member was very professional, caring, and so rewarding. Their contract and puppy health records were very thorough and complete, and our puppy was the picture of health. We would highly recommend them as compassionate breeders that take their job very seriously and clearly have their dogs' best interests in mind. You won't be disappointed.

The Shoen Family

Shortly after our first Boxer (flashy brindle female named Marley) passed away due to a brain tumor we began researching boxer breeders.

We knew we wanted another boxer, but our first boxers breeder was no longer breeding. As a result, we started some due diligence on researching where our next boxer would come from.

We are dog lovers and we treat our dogs like children so finding the right breeder was critical to us.

Our goal was to find a breeder that cares as much or more about the dogs as we do PLUS breed quality dogs with good lines and pedigree.

We came across many breeders who had good pedigrees, but it took some time to find a breeder that treats their animals like family, just like we do.

In fact, we don't leave home without out our dog, our dog sleep in our bed at night, she has standing nail appointments, we strive to provide the best healthcare vet science allows,

we focus on providing her a healthy life, we have a dog walker every day, we literally treat them like most people treat their children!!

Frankly, we thought that it would be impossible to find a breeder that cares as much about their dogs health, well being, disposition and family involvement as we do until we came across Mora Topline Boxers.

After spending hours researching on the internet and poring over sites, speaking to several breeders and vets we encountered the Mora Topline Boxers website.

I am sure your reaction to the site itself was similar to ours. I thought,Wow these people put a lot of time and effort into their dogs and who their dogs go to.

Again, this element of finding a breeder was as important as the dogs pedigree and we feel lucky we found Mora Topline Boxers because they have both of these quality elements.

My husband spent over an hour filling out the puppy questionnaire. Again, another sign that Mora Topline boxers truly cares about where their animals go.

We were then invited to meet the liter, the stud dog and the bitch (I call her the mom) Cindy and her husband. We drove up on a rainy Saturday in May 2011 not fully expecting but hoping

to get a puppy in the litter they called Eva-she was a beautiful fawn female, cute as a button! After spending a good amount of time talking about the dogs, their pedigree and reviewing Cindy's

and our obligations to the animal we knew we met our match, finally a breeder who raises quality boxers, with excellent lines and the bonus of loving the animal as a family member.

That day we began a new journey, one that included a new family member 9 week old Eva we remained Lacey who we call Lu Lu. As you can see from the photo she is beautiful as they come,

but being a puppy she is far from perfect. She requires dedication to exercise and training and in exchange she gives us laughs (some disappointments like chewing up multiple pairs of my shoes)and

most importantly unconditional love. We have no regrets in selecting a breeder who cares as much about breeding quality show and family dogs as they do the genes and lines of the dog itself after all,

who could!

We are a family of 4 including an eight year old boy and a six year old girl. Our dog has an amazing disposition, is well rounded and extremely playful, lovable and approachable.

She loves other dogs and loves to be outside playing in the yard and going for runs.

We are so impressed with Mora Topline Boxers and would strongly recommend them to others!!

I truly do thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide Lacey with a quality home, we are forever grateful-we love her so much!

The Topp Family 

Three years later the Topp Family added another Mora TopLine Boxer to their Family, Beautiful brindle male "Romeo" Thank you Topp Family for always keeping us updated with photos of your beautiful boxers!

Mora Topline Boxers

The 2014 Holiday Season finds our home and hearts filled with love. Every day we consider ourselves so blessed to have our Kona as part of our family. Without finding Cindy’s Mora Topline Boxers we would still have a void in our hearts from losing our 6 year old rescue Boxer to cancer in April 2014.

Once we went for our interview and saw the genuine love and care she puts into her breeding program we knew this was the right breeder. Listening to Cindy speak about her boxers, watch her lovingly hold her little puppies, the weekly photos she posted for us to watch Kona grow all added to an exceptional experience with Mora Topline Boxers.

Kona is such a joy to have in our lives. She is everything a boxer should be. She has a beautiful temperament, lives every day to the fullest, watches us as if to say, “what can I do for you?” and yet can be a complete clown in a moment’s notice. She has bonded wonderfully with our 10 year old Retriever mix and can’t wait to meet new people and experience new adventures. In the early evening, she watches out our front door side window waiting for Dave to come home from work as that is when the FUN really begins!

Kona flew through Puppy Einstein (Kindergarten) and loved exposure to all the different agility equipment. She has brought happy tears to the eyes of the elderly at her first Therapy visits and is currently in Real Life Rover class on Tuesday evenings. I honestly believe the sky is the limit for Kona!

Thank you Cindy and Brain for your dedication and love you put into the breed and your program.

The Reinhart Family

April 6th I lost my boxer to cardiomyopathy. He would have turned 9, two weeks after he passed. I had lost my best friend. After two weeks of his passing I noticed our other boxer was losing weight, even though her eating habits hadn't changed. I frantically took her to the Vet to run every test possible. I wasn't about to lose my other boxer. We found out she was suffering from depression. She walked around the house looking for him, crying. She had never been without Cody, the boxer we had just lost. It was then, that I realized we needed to get her a companion. I started with the AKC website, as I wanted to be sure I was going through a reputable breeder, not a puppy mil. I found 3 boxer breeders within 8 hours of us, and looked into their websites. Only one caught my attention. Mora Top Line Boxers. There were no kennels, no dogs on tie-outs and most importantly, no unhealthy dogs. The puppy questionnaire was long, and asked very detailed questions, which gave me a good feeling. They weren't "selling" puppies, they were looking for perfect homes. When we got the call that we passed the questionnaire, and were invited for an interview I was ecstatic. We booked a hotel close that night, as it was a 6 hour drive. I was so nervous during the interview, but the butterflies in my stomach told me I was doing the right thing. We weren't replacing the dog we had lost, we were adding to our family. During the interview I talked about Cody, the boxer we had just lost, and the tears came. I felt like I had known Brian and Cindy forever the way they reacted. So kind and understanding. After the interview we were shown around. The place was immaculate. The dogs have a huge yard to run and play in, a beautiful river and the most caring (human) parents I've ever met. When we left to head home I immediately started a countdown to the day we could pick up our puppy. I probably drove Cindy nuts requesting pictures of him growing. We picked him up on a Saturday morning. I could tell it was hard for Brian and Cindy to let go of their puppy. It was clear they were giving up a child of their own. We've now gotten to know Dakota's personality. He's the perfect puppy. Healthy, playful and just a bit of a stinker! Our other boxer has taken him in and has since put her weight back on. The two eat together, play together and even sleep together. I couldn't be more happy about the puppy I brought home. He completes our family.

Thank you so much.

~ The Low Family

I can't begin to explain how much we love Dakota. He recently turned 3 and is an absolute goofball. He's very verbal and it so funny. He's the best dog I've ever owned!

~ Angie Low

For anyone looking for a boxer, I would highly recommend the Swanson's and Mora Topline Boxers. We were referred by a family friend who has dog showing experience, and we are very happy we took advice. My wife and I simply could not be any happier with our new family member, Brewer. The process of purchasing Brewer was easy, convenient and very professional. It is clear the Swanson's deeply care about their craft and take great pride in breeding their beautiful boxers. Brewer has been such a good dog, well tempered, smart, and a source of constant joy and amusement. Brewer is very well behaved, around people and other dogs, and is a quick learner. He became a part of the family very quickly. We have received numerous compliments from family, friends, and neighbors about his behavior, especially for being less than 4 months old. We also get many compliments on his appearance, especially his brindle striping and soulful eyes. In short, buying a boxer from Mora Topline Boxers was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made, and we couldn't be happier with the dog, or with the professionalism and pride of the Swanson's. If you are considering a pure bred boxer, this is the place to go.

The Mangolds

After we lost our beloved Boxer, Butch, to cancer, we knew we wanted to find another Boxer for the family. I searched a long time to find the quality and breeding we wanted. We were intent on finding a flashy fawn male with a good pedigree. Finding the Boxers at Mora Topline's fulfilled our wishes.When we first saw Rocky we knew he was the dog for us. His personality showed right away and his flashy looks were perfect. We didn't go looking for a show dog, but agreed to give it a try. Rocky and I practiced and went to class and and I discovered I really liked it! Mora Topline's Fabulous Rockstar, aka, Rocky has completed his UKC Championship and is working on his AKC with Stan Flowers. Rocky lives in the house with us and our dog, Lexus. He enjoys his daily runs and our special time at night when he sits on my lap. You can see by his picture that he's a house dog and quite spoiled. I'd recommend anyone looking for a Boxer to look at Mora Toplines. The Swanson's are helpful and easy to work with and are raising great boxers that are family friendly and gorgeous to boot!

The Johnson Family

Rocky's Web Page

My husband and I would definitely recommend Mora Topline Boxers!

We started our search for a puppy shortly after we lost our first "baby" girl, Mia, to cancer at 6 years old.

We also have a male boxer, Radley, that we adopted from a boxer rescue group.

We were really looking for a breeder who had integrity, honesty, knowledgeable and loves their dogs and cares for them as much as we would.

After we met Cindy and Brian and the dogs, we did not have to look any farther.

For us, the most important quality we were looking for in the dogs was a great disposition.

Also, I wanted to go through a breeder that truly cared that dogs are all placed in good and loving homes.

When we saw our Morgan, it was love at first sight. She will be two in February and she has turned out to be an amazing dog.

She is beautiful, gentle, a clown, a guard dog, but not a barker, loves all people, great with children, gets along with other dogs, playful, but not too much.

Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful she is and what a great temperament she has.

My husband and I both think that she is the best dog that we have had, because of her great disposition overall.

We feel so blessed to have found Mora Topline Boxers and that we were able to bring Morgan into our family!

The Capra Family

Five Years later the Capra's added another Mora TopLine Boxer to their family ~Zander

My wife and I spent the better part of 6 months trying to find a breeder that we felt comfortable buying a puppy from.

We were impressed with everything we saw from Cindy at Mora Topline Boxers. The importance that they put on making sure their puppies go to a good home is absolutely amazing.

They care for all of their dogs, and treat them as children. The focus that they put into breeding dogs with a great temperaments completely shines through their dogs and puppies.

I could go on and on about all of the good things we experienced getting our puppy through Mora Topline Boxers. We HIGHLY recommend them!!

We love our dog very much, and get numerous complements when we are out with him on how he looks and how nice he is. Keep up the great work Cindy and Brian!!

Thanks Again!!

Ed and Kathryn Scharnweber

Odie is what a boxer should be. He loves everyone, and is a beautiful boy. We get compliments on him every where we go.

He is the clown of the house ,and not a day goes by that he does not make us laugh out loud. He is not a barker, and has a really calm demeanor for a boxer.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about him, or even let them meet him. I do look at your puppy page every so often, as someday I would like to have a playmate for Odie....

probably when I retire in a couple years, and I would for sure return to you for another great dog. Terry H

My husband and I spent several months researching and visiting boxer breeders.

Once we found Mora Topline Boxers we new right away that this was the breeder for us. We were really impressed with how they raised their boxers- with so much love and care!

Lilly has been a great addition to our family. She is so lovable and sweet and has a wonderful temperament. She gets along with our other dog and loves being around people.

Her favorite things to do include running at the park, playing with our other dog, and snuggling in our laps at night.

My husband and I have been very pleased with Mora Topline Boxers. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

The Barry Family

I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Brian and Cindy Swanson! Getting our beloved puppy, Tyson, was a great experience from the start.

I had done tons of research on boxer breeders all over the country and was very impressed with Mora Topline Boxers. They really care about their boxers and find families who will love their puppies.

I have always loved boxers, but my fiancee was not so sure- he had never met one. While Phoebe (Tyson's mom) was still pregnant, my fiancee and I went to Mora to meet the Swanson's and all of their boxers--

my fiancee instantly fell in love. He could not stop talking about how beautiful and well mannered all of their boxers are! He was convinced we needed one.

Cindy kept the website well updated- she let us know when the puppies were born and put up new pictures frequently of how they were progressing. We loved watching them grow!

When they were 6 weeks we went back to Mora to choose which puppy we wanted- it was so hard to pick just one! Cindy knew the puppies well- we were able to tell her what we were looking

for in a boxer and she guided us to Tyson. He was adorable, confident, playful, and we were in love. We were able to bring him home two weeks later!

Tyson is now 9 months old and he has brought so much joy to our lives. He is just the cutest, sweetest, most hilarious little goofball.

Our vet, our trainer and complete strangers compliment us all the time on what a beautiful dog Tyson is, and how well mannered he is- especially for a boxer puppy!

Tyson is crazy, adorable, cuddly and has such a big heart. He's like a little human with a huge personality. We are completely in love with him, and were so blessed to be

able to get this little stinker from such a great breeder!

We will be back in the future for another boxer pup!

-Kailee and Derek

We can not express the joy and laughter that Axel has brought to us. He is the most loving dog and has become more than a member of our family -- he is everything we could have ever dreamed of and more. Thank you for putting so much pride and care into what you do. We receive so many compliments on how beautiful and well behaved he is. I hope this finds you well, take care! Lindsy, Adam, and Axel

Me and my girlfriend spent months researching the Internet for Pure bred Boxer breeders within Minnesota and Wisconsin, and which initially drew me to Mora Topline Boxers was the incredible amount of

Love and professionalism in their website. Cindy was very great to communicate with through the entire process. She had us come up and meet her and all of her gorgeous boxers at her home.

Her love for the breed made me feel 100% confident in buying a puppy from her. Our dog Rex is absolutely amazing in every way.

He really thinks he is a lap dog and snuggles with us every single night, he has an incredible temperament and personality, makes us laugh every single day.

We are stopped literally every time we leave the house with him because of his beauty. We consider Rex our child and do everything with him, we are so happy to have met Cindy and Mora Topline Boxers!

Once he is fully trained in a couple of years, we will be getting back in touch with Cindy, so we can hopefully pick out another beautiful Boxer from her!!

Andrew and Amber

Sargent has the sweetest, kindest temperament. He loves snuggling, and is happiest when he's off on an adventure with me!

He loves, loves, tearing around the dog park, and he is the doggie goodwill ambassador. He gets along with every dog, and even the grumpy ones end up playing with him.

He's pretty hard to resist. He does get drawn to children, and it's been challenging to keep him from kissing them all the time. I think he thinks they exist to give him Cheerios.

He was so easy to housetrain, and now he just keeps me on a regular schedule -- his schedule!

I had a beautiful female Boxer before Sarge, and it's so wonderful to have another Boxer who is all about love, and joy, and kisses, and all good warm, things in life.

Thank you so much, I can't imagine a day without seeing his big ol' mug and goofy grin!



My husband and I spent about 6 months researching different breeders for a boxer as a companion, we even contacted a few of them.

Out of the many breeders we spoke with we felt the most confident with Mora's Topline. We contacted Cindy and she responded right away.

She was honest, upfront, and knowledgeable about everything, so we decided to meet with her and her dogs.

The dogs were cared for inside her home, and had a huge outside area to run around in, we could tell right away that the puppies were used to being handled and got a lot of attention.

The disposition of the puppies and adult dog (Vincent) that we met were great. We have 2 young children and the temperament of her dogs was very important to us.

Although everything was done very professionally, including contracts and paperwork we could tell that she bred boxers for the love of it.

We could not have been happier with our puppy, he is 5 months right now and is a smart, energetic, healthy, well bred dog."

The Lund Family

My -boyfriend and I first started looking to bring a boxer into our life in March 2011.

I was relentless in searching the web looking up various breeders and was beyond excited when I thought I found a reputable breeder.

We sent in a deposit and were supposed to receive a dog out of her next litter. After two litters failed to produce any puppies, we were devastated and began looking into other breeders.

This is when I came across Mora TopLine Boxers. From the beginning, Cindy was extremely accommodating.

My boyfriend and I were able to come and visit the puppies and pick out the newest addition to our family.

The puppies were extremely well cared for and were raised in the home. Cindy also does not ship her puppies because she wants to meet all of her puppies future families.

I cannot tell you how much I respect this, as you can tell making a profit is not her goal, but rather placing her pups into loving families.

Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend TopLine Boxers.


Meghan Halder

In January 2016 Meghan and Jake Also added Winston to their family