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Mora TopLine Boxers

Mora TopLine Boxers

Health: Temperament: Conformation: Movement: Beauty


A BOXER is a wonderful family dog. He/she will be a great companion and friend to you and your children. He is an active dog AND WILL NEED CONSISTENT TRAINING AND EXERCISE. If you don't have the time for this training then Please do not get a Boxer!

He can be stubborn then turn around and delight and entertain you with his playful antics and exuberance for life, a real clown at heart. He will play gently with the young children, rough-house with the adults, then stand over you as if to say "come on you guys, I am just getting started". You can hurt his feelings easily by the tone of your voice or by ignoring him. Love him and your love will be returned ten fold. Anyone who does not LOVE a BOXER does not know a BOXER.

The BOXER is definitely NOT an "outdoor" breed. A BOXER does not have the coat needed for the cold winter and because of their shorter muzzle, they do not tolerate the heat of summer. They must be protected from the elements, ALWAYS.

We are no longer breeding dogs/boxers

Please.. Only fill out this questionnaire if your intention is to acquire an available puppy/dog from Mora TopLine Boxers and you have read all the information below.

Pet Puppies Sold With A Spay Or Neuter, Health Guarantee Contract With Limited Registration. $2,250.00 (No ear crop unless requested @ buyers expense(approx $700.00 for ear crop)

Whites are sold pet only with spay/neuter contract. (Our Vet recommends Spay/neuter pet puppies @ 8 Months)

Show (Conformation) Puppies Sold With Full Registration, Health Guarantee Co Owner Contract. $3,000.00 (We require our show puppies have ears cropped) Co Ownership is in name only. To help ensure us the dog is not over bred etc. If interested.. ask for a copy of our contract.

Families willing to show or hire a professional, Get First Pick Of Puppies, Evaluated @ 6-8 Weeks Old.

DEPOSIT of $1100.00 for pet puppy, Show puppy Deposit $1500.00 will NOT be refunded if the BUYER(S) cancel their request. The BREEDER reserves the exclusive right to cancel any agreement, to cancel any request from BUYER(S) even after the deposit and agreement is signed with no recourse. The BREEDER'S decision is final with regards to the puppy. A full refund will be given if the BREEDER chooses to cancel reservation of the puppy. Deposit checks payable to Mora Topline Boxers.

We do Not SHIP our puppies... We like to meet our puppies new families. Transportation/ arrangements for pickup is buyers expense.

Pet puppies typically get spoken for fast if you are interested in a puppy it is important you keep in touch with us and watch our website for available puppies. I post photos when they arrive and then weekly.

We do not keep a waiting list for pet puppies. We do not accept deposits on pet puppies until after they are two weeks old. At that time we like to set up day/time to meet families for an interview, to answer questions. They can see our adult boxers and see the environment our dogs are raised and cared for (our home). Families are not allowed to handle/play with puppies before going to their new home due to risk of exposure to Parvo. (You will be able to see the puppy you are interested in from the length of our stairway). This is for protection/health of the whole litter. We take breeding and raising AKC Breed Standard Boxer Puppies Seriously. Their health and safety is utmost important to us.

Please be on time for your appointment with us..We may have other families coming on the same day.. They deserve their time with us/our dogs and puppies as you do. Our time is as important to us as yours is to you.. So, Please be respectful.

Pet puppies available for new homes at eight weeks old. Please do not expose your puppy to unknown dogs to you (Dog parks, kennels, doggie daycare, puppy classes) until they are fully vaccinated (around 16 weeks).

All our puppies have tails and dews done around 1-3 days old.

Ear crops (show puppies) between 8-10 weeks old.

Show/Pet puppies are first and foremost to be treated with love and respect, as a family member.

You will have to sign a contract that the puppy or dog MUST be returned to us if for any reason that they do not work out for your family. Under NO circumstance do we want one of Mora TopLine Boxers to be placed in a shelter. We are not breeding boxers to add to the number of unwanted dogs.

I will contact you by email. If you have not heard back from me please check your spam folder or email me [email protected]

This information will NOT be shared with other breeders or anyone else unless you request so.

Please answer all the questions or it will not submit.

Just because you fill out our questionnaire does not mean you will get a puppy.

Thank You For Your Time And Interest In Our Boxers, God Bless!

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